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National Guard American Superbike

Hare Scramble XC2 Pro Lites

Round 2 - Road Atlanta
Apr 20-22

Competed on 2010 BMW S1000
Crash in Friday Practice
Unable to continue because of mechanical issues

Round 3 - Steele Creek, Morganton, NC
Mar 31 - April 1

Competed on Suzuki 250
Finished 17th
5 points

Round 1 - Daytona International Speedway
Mar 5-16

Competed on 2010 BMW S1000
Qualified in 19th
Race 1 - 17th
Race 2 - 16th
9 points

Round 2 - The General, Washington, Georgia
Mar 17

Competed on Suzuki 250
Finished 19th
1 point



Publicity and Exposure Since Oct. ‘09
Roadracing World Website & AMA Pro Racing Website April 14, 2012
- Press Release recognizing Team Go4one Sponsors & Road Atlanta prep
SPEED Race Coverage -  March 2012 Crash in Race 1 more than 30 seconds of air time 
as rider took to track
SBS (Super Street Bike) Magazine -  Jun-Aug 2011 Issues
Full Page Ad for HMF featuring image of Pinson at  Daytona ‘11 Superbike race.
BMW S1000 OnLine Forum - Photo Gallery 400,000 hits since Fall 2010
BMW OTL On The Level S1000 RR Special Issue 
- Photo/paragraph
BMW OTL On The Level  - May 2011 Print Issue
- Photo/paragraph on 2011 Daytona
BMW ON Magazine - March 2011 Print Issue; 
- 4-page story on Pinson’s 2010 Season; 2-paragraph & photo for 2011 season preview
HMF Website Home Page
Braille Battery Powersports Header Page
SPEED Race Coverage;  footage Rd Atlanta crash 2010 
On The Throttle (OTT – web media); 
- Video Grid Interview; Race 1 Daytona 2010
Roadracing World – May 2010 Print Issue
- Coverage on BMW S1 Daytona debut
Roadracing World – Jun 2010 Print Issue:  
- Photo of Pinson in top 10 at Road Atlanta
On The Level  – BMW RA Magazine: 
- Jun 2010 Print Issue:  Story and photo of Pinson and Team’s Daytona Debut.
Daytona News Journal  – October 2009
- Photo with coverage of AMA Pro Road Racing 2009 Season Closer






AMA Pro National Guard American Superbike

    Daytona International Speedway - on 2010 BMW S1000

Race 1:  15th        

Race 2:  Mechanical - DNS

Mid Ohio - on 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10

Qualified:  22nd
Race 10:  18th

Race 11:  15th

New Jersey - on 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10

Qualified:  22nd
Race 13:  18th

Race 14:  16th


American Superbike


Race 1:  15th           Race 9:  DNF

Race 2:  19th           Race 10: 16th

Race 3:  18th           Race 11-19: Did not compete due to mechanical issues which arose at Mid Ohio round

Race 4:  DNF          

Race 5:  16th          

Race 6:  13th          

Race 7:  16th

Race 8:  DNF


 Recaps                                                                                                                                                   click on images for event slideshow recaps

Mid Ohio Sports Car Course                       Mechanical failure; unable to compete 33 points                

Did not compete

Pinson experienced mechanical failure early in the first practice session of the race weekend.  Crew Chief Spinks performed repairs and modifications but did not have the parts to get the bike operational.  We enjoyed the weekend as spectators.

Road America                       To Round 6 with 33 points                

Race 10:  16th

Pinson waged a strong start to Race 2.  He worked his way up the field but fell back after the second lap.  He hung in there and rode through issues that would send most competitors to hot pit lane and took the checkered flag in 16th place.

Road America                                      

Qualified 16th;
Race 9:  DNF

The team woke up to a rainy Friday morning and prepared to run in wet conditions.  This proved exciting to test the sophisticated electronics on the S1000RR which includes a rain mode.  Clouds broke up around lunch time and by practice time, conditions were dry. 
Adjustments in gearing and suspension were performed after practice and allowed Pinson to post the 15th fastest time and easily qualify for the race grid. After the Saturday qualifying session, this time placed him 16th on the grid.  A decent start enable Pinson to gain a few positions but he fell victim to a cold tire low side going into turn 12 that cast him and machine in the pea gravel pit.  Fortunately, he was unharmed but was unable to continue on.   

Infineon Raceway                       To Round 5 with 29 points                

Race 8:  DNF

Lowered fork and triple tree to allow the bike to flick side to side with greater ease.  Pinson had a strong start and gained three positions in lap 1.  Entering turn 6, the carousel, on the second lap, the bike went into a head shake and knocked the power off.  Pinson laid the bike down to avert crashing into the wall.  Both rider and bike were relatively unharmed and are ready to take on Road America,

Infineon Raceway                                       

Race 7:  16th

Despite a poor start, Pinson put his head down and worked his way up the field from 21st to an exciting battle for 16th.  With several passes and re-passes, he took the checkered flag and earned a 16th place finish.

Road Atlanta                       To Round 4 with 24 points                

Race 6:  13th

A crash in the Sunday warm-up sent the crew scrambling to repair bike for Race #2.  When it came time to race, LWR took to the track with aim and focus.  A crash in the previous race spilled fluids on the track and delayed the start of Race 2.  Competitors had a 2-lap warm-up to test conditions. Pinson, Hayes and Hayden had the ear of AMA Race Director, David McGrath.  Pinson raced using standard shifting due to damaged GP shifting rear set in the morning crash.  Pinson hung in there and rode to a 13th place finish, his best finish ever for a pro AMA premier class race.


Road Atlanta                      

Race 5:  16th

Pinson recovered from a less than optimal start and quickly gained ground.  A red flag halted action 3 laps into the race.  Pinson was re-grid from 16th position to 13th - his standings at the time of the red flag.  Pinson capitalized on the re-start worked himself up the field to 7th place.  He was among the top 10 riders for a few laps.  The BMW S1000RR was very enthusiastic about going fast and powered out of turns with magnificence.  When coming into turn 12 on lap 8, Pinson fell off line and treated fans to a magnificent tumble into the gravel pit.  Pinson and corner workers dragged the bike out and he was able to continue to hot pit land for the LWR crew to attend to the bike.  Missing five laps, Pinson returned to the field and finished the race in 16th place and earned points.

Road Atlanta

Qualified in 16th

Final adjustments for qualifying allowed Pinson and the S1000RR make a strong showing among a field dominated by Suzuki.  In Friday afternoon qualifying, put in the 15th fastest time.  After Saturday morning's qualifying session, Friday qualifying time placed the #2 bike in the 16th spot on the starting grid. 


Auto Club Speedway                 To Round 3 with 10 points

Qualified in 22nd

Race 4:  DNF

Team dealt with mechanical issues early in the day.  Pinson had a great start and passed three riders going into turn 1.  Fluke breaking issues prompted Pinson to come in at lap 2 for a quick fix on hot pit row.  Crew addressed issue, but problems persisted.  He exited race track to minimize risk to other riders and was cited for his positive sportsmanship. 

Photo compliments of Eric Barrows

Auto Club Speedway                
Race 3:  18th

Race start was delayed due to high wind conditions.  In two weeks leading up to race, work performed by GPR, JB Suspension and Race Tech enabled the bike to handle reliably through the challenging race conditions. 


Daytona Season Opener                 To Round 2 with 8 points

Qualified in 21st

       Race 2:  19th

The crew made a few adjustments after Race 1.  A strong start to Race 2 allowed Pinson to gain two positions in the course of the first lap.  He managed to hold 19th for the remaining 14 laps despite a shift in wind direction which worked against him.  Considering the fact that the bike was predominantly a stock machine (including stock suspension) and ran against the nation's elite machinery and riders, this kicked off the season on a positive note and gives the team a solid base to build from.

Race 1:  15th

As would be expected from any new motorcycle on the track, the team struggled with a few set-up and gearing issues.  Thanks to the talent and dedication of the LWR crew, the S1000RR qualified for the starting grid and went the distance for the 15 lap race.  The bike waged a solid performance resulting in a dramatic finish to capture the 15th position by a front wheel. 



2009 Recaps 

Racing 2009: 3rd in MotoGT1 Championship points with 129 points, one point behind second place





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